La Fabuleuse histoire de Mikki la Sardine - Wall Paper - Story Papers
La Fabuleuse histoire de Mikki la Sardine - Wall Paper - Story Papers



What's better than a beautiful story to feed the imagination of our children? And if this story unfolded on a wall? And if it was enough for a simple click to listen, hum, dream this story?

"At Château Sardine, boredom and gloom have settled and Mikki is going on a mission to fix it.
No doubt this adventure will be full of twists!
A wonderful underwater epic carried by dreamlike and swaying instrumental music that your child will love to listen to (and re-listen to ...).

Once upon a time on a wall ...
Story Paper is above all a new narrative space in which the medium is decorative and interpretations are limitless.
Story Paper is a complete story illustrated from one end to the other of the wallpaper and comes with its booklet and soundtrack.

The illustrations are entirely hand painted and scanned.
They offer a color finish and texture of great pictorial quality to finally be very close to a real painted decor.
Easy to install and easy to remove, Story Papers are respectful of our environment.
These are non-woven papers, made in France, that emit very few pollutants in the air.

• The book
• Non-woven wallpaper roll. Size 430 × 48 cm
• The story told and set to download
• A tote bag

Soundtrack and book in French

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