The texture of the teat, its flow rate which is adaptable for each age, its ergonomic shape and especially the presence of an anti-colic valve are all combined parameters which ensure that the baby will effortlessly latch on to the bottle.

Because of its shape and texture, Le Biberon Français offer you an ideal teat to supplement or replace breastfeeding.

Our teats are designed to fit all bottles of our nesting products .

Our 100% pure silicone nipples have been designed to offer a long life, however as soon as the first signs of weakness (tears) appears, replace them.

The average life of a nipple-teat is 2 months. Our nipples-teats are all 3 speeds which allows you to offer your child a flow adapted to his appetite.

Teats: 3 spead, anti-colic system

Availalbe : S teat (0-6 month) or M teat 6 month +

Material : 100% pur silicon

BPA Free

Made in France

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