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Brown suede moccasin bootie with leather bunny.

Handcrafted in GB

Soft, supple leather
Best alternative to barefoot, allowing small feet to grow naturally, regulates the temperature of baby's feet.
Comfort in autumn / winter and freshness in spring / summer.

Elasticated ankle
Easy to put on and stay on your feet.

Insoles: soft and slip resistant
The feet are protected and also allow pre-walkers to feel the ground below them, which helps to develop a sense of balance and natural movement while taking its first steps.
Ideal for use indoors or outdoors in dry weather: the suede avoids slipping

More details in the description

The award-winning Inch Blue slippers are designed to be the most comfortable and fit your baby can wear.

Our high quality leathers are so soft and supple small feet are free to move without restriction and can grow naturally, which is essential for their growth.

Handcrafted in Wales, each pair has been tested to the highest standards and is safe for your toddlers.

Size matching:
Child S = 2/3 years (EU size: 24/25)
Child M = 3/4 years (EU size: 25/27)
Child L = 4/5 years (EU size: 27/29)

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