Pyjama Julie - Flakes - Des Fils et des Nuits
Pyjama Julie - Flakes - Des Fils et des Nuits



Long flannel girl pajamas, printed "Flakes" 100% cotton, sizes from 2 years to 6 years.
Classic and vintage style, flared cut, a classic color in a brushed fabric inside and outside, soft, warm and comfortable


Long girl pajamas 100% printed cotton, open jacket on the top yoke, pocket and collar trimmed with matching serpentine, jacket and pants have a wide cut with a soft elastic at the bottom of the sleeves and legs, cut a little puff, comfortable.

Soft, durable and comfortable fabric.
A quality to the test of time.

Sons and Nights ensures the constant quality of its fabrics, all are produced "without undesirable substances".

Fabrics that are highly resistant to multiple washes and exceptional color retention have made the brand a success since 1986.

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